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16 days ago New state lead in the LJ
I feel like 25-11 deserves his own thread. That's a big jump. [url=
2 months ago Track Surfacing
@dudedevil4x4 hey I have a question for you I sent you a pm about emailing you.
12 months ago section 2 Large School
Saturday May 12th, Blackman High POLE VAULT is 9 am at Riverdale All other Field Events 10 am...
2 years ago Avery Creek Post Season Distance Showcase - 5/12 @ Trinity Prep (Registration is Open)
Do you have information on entries? We have a few girls that we are discussing the meet with.
2 years ago FHSAA 3A Region 3 2017
Weigh in will begin at 9:00 at the end of the straight away where athletes will enter the track. ...
2 years ago Track Surface Question
That may be what we have. The builders website says they use plexipave. I did some digging on o...
2 years ago Berkeley Track and Field Invitational 2017
Na. Sorry 2/24? But thanks Chris.
2 years ago Berkeley Track and Field Invitational 2017
Will heat sheets be available on 3/24?
2 years ago Tyreese Cooper
He would have beaten the Pro field in Bham... Handily.
2 years ago State Meet race schedule year to year
@Halfmiletiming I liked it. I liked seeing how teams fluctuate during the race. I could show ki...
2 years ago State Meet race schedule year to year
I have a question for a Half Mile timing person. Did they not do the live scoring this year? Is...
3 years ago Over training for the 5k
[quote=Coach_Don] Strength is speed [/quote] @Coach_Don This is even Clyde Hart's view for...
3 years ago District cross country entries
Is this across the board or just districts using HMT?
3 years ago Pinellas County Athletic Conference Championships 2016
@warrehouse was that you talking to Coach Haley during the boys race?
3 years ago flrunners 17 times not on profiles
Some teams from the ROC are not in the data base yet for 3AR3. If this is already known, sorry. ...
3 years ago Regional Cross Country Sites
We originally had 10/29 for the 3A R3 date. FHSAA says 10/28. Under athletics on the Estero HS ...
3 years ago FHSAA
It says the team must complete. "To count as a contest, the school’s team actually shall par...
3 years ago Transgender Athletes....
3 years ago Synthetic 8-9 lane tracks
Clearwater High School does.
3 years ago FACA Site down
As of 7:30 on 8/10, I cant get on Anyone have info?
3 years ago Minimum Number of Meets
@altimari I just spent 10 minutes looking for an direct message option. oh well. carrolljo@pc...
3 years ago Minimum Number of Meets
Where did you see the 2016-2017 manual? I only last years up on FHSAA.
3 years ago FHSAA 3A District 10 - Meet Location/Date
Eagle Lake Park.
3 years ago Tyrese Cooper & Jamal Walton
I'm not an AAU guy. But I like the age groups over classes. It's more cut and dry. If the track...
3 years ago FHSAA
I think it's interesting at the 1A state meet last year. Noah Perkins sat out his Regional meet ...
3 years ago 4a REGION 2 HOST
@CoachAnthony is it true that the bid was for 3A R3 too?
3 years ago 4a REGION 2 HOST
@aholmes80 I assume one of those regions is 3A Region 3. I've heard Wharton has put in as well.
Largo Central and Eagle Lake are interesting. Clearwater High is within a few miles of both. I ...
3 years ago Fhsaa state championship meet
@geoffpietsch I saw South Carolina, Tennessee, USF, USC, GA Southern, and Clemson there. I am su...
3 years ago Results missing 4A
There are no day 1 results yet.
3 years ago Illegal Athlete?
I don't know if you assumed he was unknowingly breaking a rule, but I can't believe a coach doesn...
3 years ago Illegal Athlete?
According to the raw results, it says DNF. Which would make him ok. There are no DNS listed on ...
3 years ago State meet parking
From what I was told,they quit charging parking closer to the 800. We were there early and heard...
3 years ago State meet parking
I walked a mile in from our car. Since I like, dozens hopped out cause I didnt want to miss any...
3 years ago Packet Pickup at States
I just had a guy in the 800 last year and they held the packet at the clerks tent. I was sent al...
3 years ago You have got to be kidding me....4A Region Girls 300 Meter Hurdles FINAL
If Its our school. If I see it, I am telling the officials and having our schools athlete DQ'd. ...
3 years ago Tampa Bay Area XC Meets on September 17 and 24
Coach We are assuming UF is having their meet on 9/24. If that is the case, Clearwater High w...
3 years ago Wiregrass Ranch Run with the Bulls XC Meet
Clearwater High School would like to be added.
3 years ago Chamberlain Distance Carnival 2016
3 years ago Qualifiers posted?
I assume you are asking about Ed Wells. We have Elite timing the meet. They are good about putt...
3 years ago Meet Entry Etiquette - Wharton Invite
It was also the 2nd fastest SEC mark ever indoors. In the prelims it looked like he rabbited...
3 years ago Meet Entry Etiquette - Wharton Invite
My guy finished 2nd in the race. I didn't know they hung on through 800. I told Sean, "Don't ch...
3 years ago Early Bird Eagle Invitational 2016
Clearwaater is interested. @taylorbrit
3 years ago Regional Sites
So, is this correct? It seems weird ...
4 years ago Short Course Week?
@CoachRaposo I feel like PCAC is closer to 5k than 3 miles. I love these threads., I have been ...
4 years ago Girls Season Best under Boys
I noticed several of our girls (Clearwater) are listed as season best's under boys times. I noti...
4 years ago UF Mt. Dew Invitational 2015-Daniela Urzua
Not sure where it lands on the course distance conversation, but I was mainly interested in Perki...
4 years ago Seffner Christian Invitational
Andy, how will the races be divided up? I am just curious.
4 years ago FHSAA Regionals
So, Holloway Park is on Friday?
4 years ago 3A State Meet Prediction Contest
Boys- 100- Devin Quinn 200- Devin Quinn 400- Anthony Crandon 800- Javon Patterson 1600- Jac...