Tiger Indoor Invitational 2020

Sewanee, TN

University of the South Results

Women Athlete Place Section Results
55 Meter Dash
7.89 SB Haven Watson 16th Prelims H1 Womens Results
7.97 Haven Watson 16th Semis H3 Womens Results
8.78 SB Brice England 28th Prelims H1 Womens Results
200 Meter Dash
30.73 Molly Montgomery 15th Finals H6 Womens Results
Men Athlete Place Section Results
55 Meter Dash
7.13 Cameron Noel 35th Prelims H8 Mens Results
7.22 SB Joshua Bryant 38th Prelims H7 Mens Results
200 Meter Dash
24.97 SB Joshua Bryant 19th Finals H6 Mens Results
400 Meter Dash
53.71 Letherio Jones 4th Finals H1 Mens Results
57.19 Marshal Smith 12th Finals H5 Mens Results
58.22 SB Cameron Noel 14th Finals H5 Mens Results
One Mile Run
4:26.20 Ash Midyett 1st Finals H1 Mens Results
4:58.77 Robert Mohr 7th Finals H1 Mens Results
5:06.26 SB Patrick Rodriguez 16th Finals H3 Mens Results
High Jump
5-7 Clayton Tillery 7th Finals H1 Mens Results
4-11 SB Wilson Lewis 8th Finals H1 Mens Results
Long Jump
17-10.75 SB Dillon Spann 22nd Finals H2 Mens Results
15-9 Wilson Lewis 23rd Finals H2 Mens Results