Fort Loudoun Middle School Meet 1

Loudon, TN

Meet Information

Online Registration Instructions

When and Where: April 15, 2019 at Loudon High School Track

Time:  Coaches meeting at 4:30 PM. Meet begins at 4:45 PM

How Much:  Admission is $3.00.Concessions will be available.

Order of Events: TMSAA order of events.

How Many: 3 entries per team per running event, 3 entries in field events. 1 relay per team.

Each Athlete can participate in a maximum of 3 events per TMSAA rules.

Deadline: Entry deadline is Sunday April 14, 2018 at 8:00 PM.
Register all entries online. The meet will be FAT. 

How to Enter:

Scratches/Substitutes:  Scratches and Alternates will be accepted at the coaches meeting only (alternates must on Team Roster in milesplit). It is greatly appreciated if you let us know if you have an athlete scratched.

Field Events:  Girls Long Jump, Boys High Jump, Girls Shot Put, Boys Discus will run first. Field athletes will check-in at their event. Shot Put and Discus are located on our practice field near our parking lot. Long Jump and High Jump are located in the infield.  Athlete in Shot Put or Discus may not be able to hear running events when called.

Hip Numbers/Heat Line up: All track athletes will get hip numbers in the "Loudon" Building near the 100m Start. The athletes will then proceed to the concrete pad behind the 100m start for heat line-up after their event has been called over the PA. Please remind your athletes to place their hip number on their left hip that our camera can see their number. Also remind them to tuck singlets into their shorts so their numbers aren't obstructed.

Finish Line:
Remind athletes to run completely through the finish line, and not to stop in front of the camera obscuring the camera.  Ask athletes to stay in their lanes after the finish line after their race.

Accuracy for Seeding:  When entering athlete seed times please be as accurate as possible.

Contact:  Any questions call: Emily Deaton at 865-335-7118. Email:

Emily Deaton

Meet Director, Fort Loudoun Middle School