Preseason XC Rankings: Girls D1 Small Schools

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It's almost that time of year again.

Summer is almost over. School is about to start. And we're just over a month away from the beginning of the cross country season. 

So it's time to start looking at who the contenders are in each division. We'll start with the Division I Small Schools girls, paced by University School of Johnson City. You can expect a tight team race in this division all season long. 

Here are the top five teams coming into this season.

1University School of Johnson City (TN)100
1) Ali Burns21:00.625
2) Isabelle Johnson22:44.7017
3) Anna Bader22:47.5218
4) Lena Allison23:04.0026
5) Anna Davidson23:38.8934
Average Time: 22:39.15 Total Time: 1:53:15.73 1-5 Split: 2:38.27
6) Camilla Rivas23:55.0438
7) Grace McLean25:12.1758
2Merrol Hyde Magnet (TN)108
1) Kaelyn Meier19:23.993
2) Emmie Monroe22:44.5016
3) Josie Kastner22:48.7220
4) Reagan Poskevich22:58.3623
5) Ellen Getter24:27.1546
Average Time: 22:28.54 Total Time: 1:52:22.72 1-5 Split: 5:03.16
6) Rebecca Morgan25:20.0260
7) Audrey Savage28:02.15106
3White House-Heritage High School (TN)114
1) Mackenzie Bennett21:50.478
2) Bella Richardson22:51.0521
3) Aliyah Bledsoe23:03.2025
4) Madeline Segars23:14.8728
5) Ella Griffin23:38.0932
Average Time: 22:55.54 Total Time: 1:54:37.68 1-5 Split: 1:47.62
6) Kailey Frank30:34.99143
7) Isabella Munday32:07.35166
4Signal Mountain High School (TN)124
1) Mattie Parker19:53.944
2) Tara Jessen21:18.886
3) Caroline Cornett22:52.2022
4) Gracen Glover23:16.8829
5) Nerea Caizan25:26.6763
Average Time: 22:33.71 Total Time: 1:52:48.57 1-5 Split: 5:32.73
6) Mary West25:53.3372
5Cannon Co. High School (TN)135
1) Zettie Elrod21:41.487
2) Amanda Blanco22:25.9313
3) Ade Harwood23:37.7830
4) Angela Vassar24:11.8140
5) Isabella Russo24:18.4845
Average Time: 23:15.10 Total Time: 1:56:15.48 1-5 Split: 2:37.00
6) Samantha Jones24:54.9653
7) Tyger Kennedy25:08.4657