Analyzing the State Meet Results by Region, Class, Team

By Graduating Class

With the emergence of Keegan Smith and Abby Faith Cheeseman this year this one was a necessary comparison to make. 


Keegan Smith3Miles Ramer1
Callahan Fielder12Hays Adams5
Cade Crum23Luke Thompson15
Jack Bowen29Parker Harris18
Tony Ortega90Evan Simpson19

Jackson Martin7Landen McNair2
Brody Chapman8Kaden Keller4
Will Douglas10Connor Henson6
Trevor Coggin11Brennan Thomas9
David Brown21Caleb Jarrett13

Junior class better watch out for those sophomore boys! None of this really surprises me though. This is what we can expect from boys and their development and I tried to preface this in one of the previews with how rare it is that a freshman boy can crack into the top ten at state in any division and this compilation helps demonstrate that. While there are outlier freshmen in the top 30, the majority are outside the top 100. 

What did stand out as I was creating this table is how many teammates there were in the Top 5: 

Knox CatholicKeegan Smith, Tony Ortega
McCallieJack Bowen, Evan Simpson
BrentwoodCallahan Fielder, Brody Chapman
FranklinParker Harris, David Brown
SiegelBrennan Thomas, Caleb Jarrett

Literally half the list comes from five teams. If we're looking ahead to next season, which it's way too early to do, with HVA graduating essentially their entire team, Brentwood and Franklin have at least the top tier runners returning which are harder to come by through training than role players to fill out 3-7. 

Keegan Smith still ranks #1 overall in the state with his 14:53 at Southern Showcase where he bettered both Ramer and McNair. Will be interesting to see if he can have a repeat performance while on the same course with those opponents in December.