Poll: Spring Fling Contract Extended | Rockvale or MTSU?

Rockvale or MTSU? 

This week the TSSAA Board of Control held their post season meeting and if you want to read about everything they discussed you can read the minutes here. The main thing that concerns our sport is line item 24 which states: 

24. Voted to accept the proposed two-year extension for Division I Basketball and Spring Fling contracts with the Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce.

So in short, the state championship is going to be in Murfreesboro for a couple more years but it didn't designate where in Murfreesboro.

When the announcement was made earlier this season to move the Track and Field part of Spring Fling to MTSU it was met with a lot of skepticism. 

"They only have one horizontal jumps runway." 

"This discus area isn't big enough." 

"Do they even have hurdles?" 

Upon arrival on Tuesday I looked into all these concerns: 

The first concern regarding the horizontal jumps ultimately turned out to be the most difficult to navigate. On Thursday there were still Boys Long Jumping as the 4x800m Relays kicked off mostly due to the fact they had to recreate some triple jump boards with tape in the middle of the competition. Ultimately, the runways that were installed could not accommodate 40+ foot triple jumpers and their longer approaches. Throughout the week I took some mental notes of how the location compared to MTSU and will elaborate on things that were gained and lost from the venue change.