Week 3 Highlights: Scott Hartman, Farragut, Langlois

Scott Hartman Invitational

Roland Mcghee Jr.

When I tweeted about the Top Returning Seniors in the Long Jump last month I sent out this tweet.

That tweet was quote tweeted with this one.

Hand up... I've made some editorial mistakes so far. I didn't know Kaiya Wynn left Ensworth and moved to Texas and I mentioned her in the rankings. In fact... I made her the cover photo of two articles. But Roland Mcghee Jr. still goes to Ensworth and I know who he is now and so should you. He's the real deal. Not only does he now sit #1 in the rankings for the long jump, he won the 200m and was part of both 4x100 and 4x200 relays that sit at #1. The battle between McCallie and Ensworth at state will be a good one. Here's McGhee after his final event at Scott Hartman: