News: TSSAA Votes on Dead Period for Summer 2020

There will still be a dead period in Tennessee this summer.

The TSSAA legislative council meet via video chat on Thursday afternoon to decide if the upcoming dead period should remain in effect this summer.

The motion failed by a vote of six to six.

"We don't ever want to put sports before families, and many families make plans for the Dead Period every year," said Bernard Childress, Executive Director of the TSSAA. "This is not the first year we've had the Dead Period and as eager as coaches are to get back to their routine, the Council ultimately felt that there wasn't a strong enough case for doing away with it this year."

The Dead Period for organized workouts and contact between runners and coaches is scheduled from Monday, June 22 through Sunday, July 5.

Some believed that the dead period wouldn't be as beneficial this year due to the amount of practices lost during the COVID-19 pandemic.

You can check out the full release from the TSSAA here.