Preseason Q&A: Canaan Anderson

Canaan Anderson is one of Tennessee's fastest seniors.

After an excellent outdoor track season, he's ready for a big fall as well.

We caught up with the Siegel High School senior to discuss his goals, training and potential college options moving forward this season!

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Q)How has summer training been going?

A)As the summer wraps up, my training is starting to get more intense than it was in the summer. It has been a slow build since the end of track season but is now out of the summer conditioning faze and onto regular season training. 

Q)What kind of workouts have you been doing?

A)I am transitioning from doing more speed focused track workouts that helped me run fast in the 1600 to doing workouts that focus more on endurance to allow me to run all of the 5ks planned this fall. 

Q)What meets are you planning on attending this fall?

A)The big meets included in this year's schedule are mostly out of state races. These include the Mason Cross Country Invitational in Mason Ohio, the Bob Firman Invitational in Idaho, and the Great American in Cary North Carolina. I still have races here such as the Tennessee Classic at Steeple Chase, and of course regions and state. 

Q)What are your goals for your senior season?

A)My goals for this season are to mainly get out to those big races and try to win as an individual and as a team. Improving my time as much as possible is up next on that list. 

Q)What colleges are you considering?

A)My recruiting experience so far has kept me in the SEC as I look at some of the bigger D1 schools in this conference. 

Q)Do you have any official visits planned?

A)I'm currently in the process of planning official visits to schools in the SEC that I'm considering attending. 

Q)Have you made any tentative postseason plans?

A)The current plans for the post season is to take the varsity team up to North Carolina and race Nike Cross Regionals. What happens after that for me or the team will be determined by our performance at that race.