Coach Patrick Gildea Launches New Coaching Venture

You know Coach Patrick Gildea from The Long Run Podcast.

Now, he's launching an exciting new coaching venture.

We caught up with Patrick about the training program he's beginning out in Knoxville this season!

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What made you want to take on more athletes to coach?
I've been coaching for a long while now. Prior to coaching at West, I was a graduate assistant at Saint Francis University (PA) and in 2016 I was an assistant coach with the professional group, Hoka One One/NAZ Elite based in Flagstaff, Arizona leading into the Olympic Trials. It just seemed like the right time to take a new adventure. I have a lot of experience, over 25 years, and want to be able to share my knowledge with others and help them in their own journey. 

Where will your group's training be based out of?
Well, being in Knoxville it is my goal to coach folks here locally. Though, with how connected we all are now through a variety of social media platforms, it can totally work to coach individuals remotely. Communication is key and keeping an open dialogue between the coach/athlete relationship is very important. This is the athletes career that I'm helping to guide so it's essential that the individual have an idea where they want to go. That's where I can help. 

Tell us more about your experience as a coach.
Ah... Where to start? Coaching has and continues to be an amazing experience for me. I have primarily worked with high school student-athletes and to see them GET IT and the success that follows makes it rewarding. My coaching experience covers a variety of terrain. I've worked with individuals who are new to the sport; I've coached individual high school state champions, the West girls won the 2018 team title last fall in Nashville. I've been fortunate enough to be surrounded by athletes and coaches that want to pursue the sport at the highest level. That being said, I've had immense joy in working with those athletes that want to run their first 5k or qualify for Boston - whatever the goal is I can assist. 

How did your time as an athlete shape what kind of coach you wanted to be?
My time spent as an athlete has shaped the way I approach the sport from a coaching perspective. I had a great coach in high school and was fortunate to have one of the best coaches to guide me at Tennessee and as a professional athlete in George Watts. In looking back on those days where I was an elite athlete, my perspective is unique because I believe I have a strong understanding of balance now. It is important to understand the process and appreciate the joy in what it provides each individual. 

How can people contact you if they're interested?
Folks interested in working or consulting with me should check out the podcast on Instagram and Facebook (deadhead.engineer865) that I do with Ethan Coffey, who is a 2:19 marathoner, here in Knoxville. My email is We're working on a website that's forthcoming. There's a document on our social media pages that will lead you directly to me where I can answer all the questions that anyone has. This link will also send you directly to the document to further gather information -