The 2019 TSSAA State Meet Record Book

Emmanuel Bynum broke a 49-year-old record in the 400 meter dash at this year's state meet.

Boys Records
Event Time Year Name School
100m (Legacy) 10.44* 1981 Marcus Currie Hillsboro
100m (All Conditions) 10.47 2014 Molefi Maat Cordova
100m (Wind Legal)  10.49 2018 Markeece Shufford West Creek
200m (All Conditions) 20.84 1998 Marquis Davis Hamilton
200m (Wind Legal) 21.10 2018 Keegan Jones Cleveland
400m 46.60 2019 Emmanuel Bynum Whitehaven
800m 01:50.71 2012 Quamel Prince Antioch
1600m 04:05.75 2005 Andrew Bumbalough BA
3200m 08:58.18 2008 Sean Keveren Brentwood
High Hurdles (All Conditions) 13.79 2014 Harrison Williams MUS
High Hurdles (Wind Legal) 13.80 2019 Brevin Sims CSAS
300m Hurdles 36.40 2014 Harrison Williams MUS
4x100m  41.24* 1983 Oakland
4x200m 01:26.08 2006 Antioch
4x400m 03:16.21 2002 Cordova
4x800m 07:44.74* 1982 Hillsboro
Long Jump (All Conditions) 25'-4.5" 1996 Cameron Howard Tullahoma
Long Jump (Wind Legal) 23'-8.75"  2015 George Patrick BA
High Jump 7' 00"  1996 Eric Draper White Station
Triple Jump (All Conditions) 49' - 10"  2002 Dominique Smith Memphis Central
Triple Jump (Wind Legal) 48' - 3.5" 2017 Jalen Tate West Creek
Shot Put 65' - 1.75"  2018 Joshua Sobota Bearden 
Discus 191' - 2"  2018 Joshua Sobota Bearden 
Pole Vault 16' - 6"  2014 Harrison Williams MUS
Decathlon/Pentathlon 7324 2016 George Patrick BA

100m Dash:

This record really is the hardest to come to a definitive record for so we're starting off with a bang. While the "All-Time Record" by Larry Cantrell is 10.33 from 1985 his state meet best is 10.4 which would convert to a 10.54 but how does 10.33 stand when Currie ran a 10.3 in 1981 and where was the 10.33 even run at? Did he actually run a 10.19 and it was adjusted to 10.33? Currie by the metric will adjust to a 10.44 which is slightly better than the best documented FAT times from this decade. Also, Cantrell won the 100m in 1984 as well but there is literally no documented time for that event.  All that said... neither would hold up to the hand-time conversion process which is "round up to the nearest tenth and add .24 seconds" against times we know are FAT and have wind readings for. All of the times were documented with respect to modern timing methods while not discounting legacy performances. If someone can just run a windy 10.29 we could at least at that point consolidate 3 of them.

110m Hurdles:

So Sims does have the record here after Powell's time was adjusted with the +.14 metric. Hopefully he can get under Harrison William's with a Wind Legal Time next year so we can consolidate those into a single record.

Long Jump:

For running, the first wind readings weren't until 2006. For jumps, not until 2013. NWI for those that don't know means "No Wind Reading" not to be mistaken for 0.0 which means the wind was not blowing. All that said, most of us were under the impression Jalen Ramsey was the only Long Jumper in state history to eclipse the 25-foot mark in the event but that turned out to be incorrect. Cameron Howard did so in 1996 and then went on to have a decorated track and field career at UT. Nevertheless, with respect to modern parameters the longest wind legal jump is also listed. Just not sure how that record fell through the cracks.

4x100m Relay:

Officially listed at 41.1, adjusted to 41.24 and by modern timing adjustments would still hold up at 41.34 against Cordova's 2011 time of 41.42. I'm only talking about this one because of all the records on this list, this is on the one that needs to be broken the most in my opinion. Simply put, it's going to take more 6A football programs modeling their offseason like Pearl-Cohn and Austin-East which is easier said than done.

Southwind (Memphis) holds the 4x200 state record after this year's state meet.

Girls Records
Event Time Year Name School
100m (All Conditions) 11.46 2010 Laquisha Jackson Howard School
100m (Wind Legal)  11.46 2010 Laquisha Jackson Howard School
200m (All Conditions) 23.86 2010 Laquisha Jackson Howard School
200m (Wind Legal) 23.94 2019 Kirstin Jones Whitehaven
200m (Wind Legal) 23.94 2014 Maia McCoy Whitehaven
400m 54.84 1986 Tara Coleman Whitehaven
400m 54.84 2014 Janel Pate Hillsboro
800m 02:11.14 1983 Karol Davidson Oak Ridge
800m 02:11.70 2011 Rhavean King Ridgeway
1600m 04:51.93 2006 Kathy Kroeger Independence
3200m 10:35.32 2013 Bailee Dean Cane Ridge
High Hurdles (All Conditions) 13.31 2008 Jackie Coward Knox West
High Hurdles (Wind Legal) 13.48 2008 Jackie Coward Knox West
300m Hurdles 41.11 2008 Jackie Coward Knox West
4x100m  47.02 2008 Hunters Lane
4x200m 01:38.19 2019 Southwind
4x400m 03:49.70 2018 Southwind
4x800m 09:19.64 2018 Knox Catholic
Long Jump (All Conditions) 20' - 6.25"  2017 Tyra Gittens Ensworth
Long Jump (Wind Legal) 20' - 3.5"  2017 Kethlin Campbell Shelbyville Central
High Jump 6' - 0"  2004 Lauren Stewart Brentwood
Triple Jump (All Conditions) 41' - 11.25" 2005 Lauren Stewart Brentwood
41' - 11.25" 2003 Cassie Gullickson Brentwood
Triple Jump (Wind Legal) 39' - 2.5"  2019 Kyla Mclaurin Houston
Shot Put 47' - 1"  1984 Angie Barker Elizabethton
Shot Put 45' - 5.75"  2016 Mikayla Thompson McGavock
Discus 155'-8" 1984 Angie Barker Elizabethton
Discus 149' - 0"  2016 Mikayla Thompson McGavock
Pole Vault 13' - 0"  2019 Brittany Bishop Anderson County
Decathlon/Pentathlon 4153 2017 Tyra Gittens Ensworth


Overall quite a bit less controversy since the owners of most of the records are the same person. Laquisha Jackson and Jackie Coward clearly are the state's best at their disciplines. The 400 record is a little fuzzier though. The "All Time" record is documented by Judy Pollion of 54.54 but ran a 54.7 at the state meet in 1979. In 1986 after the records reset, Tara Coleman of Whitehaven ran a 54.7 which by the metric should adjust to 54.84 which ties Janel Pate's run from 2014. I'm just wondering by what year do/did we stop adjusting the times? For now, both times stand and Pollion's can be grandfathered in if you want since it would just tie the other 2 as well.  


A little controversy in these as well. In the 800m as Tania Wells holds the record from 1978 with 2:09.44 but her time at the state meet that year was 2:10 (possible yard to meter conversion?) which according to the yard to metric change of 1980 was therefore retired. Davidson of Oak Ridge and Rhavean King of Ridgeway will share the record at 2:11.XX for the time being. Similarly, for the 1600m record, Margaret Groos did run 4:46.9 at the State Meet in 1977 (it also should be retired) but Jenna Hutchins already broke her listed record of 4:45.44. All that said, Kathy Kroeger's is the fastest time run at the state meet since 1980 and will be the record until further notice. Honestly, I don't think either of these will matter in 2-3 years as the depth of girl's distance talent in the state will continue to lower these times.


Tyra Gittens long jump, though during the pentathlon, was still under the umbrella of the State Championship however it had no wind reading. Kethlin Campbell's did. Similarly, neither Brentwood triple jump had a wind reading either.


Only reason I'm putting this in here is because I just want verification from someone that the weight of the implements has not changed since 1984. If not, Mikayla Thompson will be removed. Just want the verification first. 

State record holder Harrison Williams (MUS) clears the pole vault bar at the 2013 state meet.

Final Considerations

While this record book may not be perfect, as records are broken with modern timing standards in consideration it will certainly improve. As impressive as times are that come out of "Elite" meets on Mondo and Tartan surfaces some of them aren't even competed on Tennessee soil or during the scholastic season. Ultimately, I wanted to create a record book that had a consistent framework... the State Championship. Hopefully this will give some of the state's elite talent a new goal to shoot for.