Case Study (Updated): Track Surface Tension in Tennessee


After tweeting this article in response to someone on April 20th, this got 300-400 more reads even though only 6 people liked the tweet on twitter. But why, if you're in the running community, would you "like" this topic? This is a serious problem.

The person who I was responding to and someone else who talked to me at a meet about the article were both from Division II and the original article had no data on that division so I decided to do a quick update to examine the state of track surfaces in that Division II and here is what I found (based on google maps): 

Division II Rubber Asphalt Nothing
AA 21 0 1
A 17 3 30

The only school in AA with nothing was the Hutchinson School but it is literally right next door to MUS. Perhaps MUS let's them practice on it. 

The smallest school in Division II with a track is Ezell Harding. The largest school in Class A with nothing is Notre Dame. 

Obviously there are a lot of athletes, parents, and coaches still interested in this topic and the issue is not unique to Public Schools only which is why I decided to update the article. 

The rest of this article remains unchanged from it's original publishing.