USATF Officials Clinics

USATF Officials Certification Clinics

The current TN USATF Officials Chair, Brent Smith, is organizing some clinics for anyone that is interested in knowing more about the rules of Track and Field while at the same time learning about this fantastic sport we all love! 

These are official USA Track & Field Certification clinics.  If you aren't familiar with USATF, it is our sport's governing body in the US.  And hey, just to toot our horn, Track and Field is the MOST watched of the Olympic broadcasts and also the No. 1 high school and junior high school participatory sport.  Yea, and you are part of that lore.  So if you are reading this, take a few moments to seriously consider getting even more involved.  Well, actually, this won't just get you more involved, it will get you more educated and so much more knowledgeable about our sport!

I took this Certification several years ago and since then I've had a much more sharpened view of each of the events in track.  There are 255 pages in the USATF 2019 competition rules book, or somewhere' s around that many.  And no, you won't go over every single page but you will definitely learn one heck of a lot about each of the events. 

Let's say you want to eventually put on a big invitational at your school.  Knowing all the rules, and with the experience you have in track now, this clinic will enlighten you in some areas that will help eliminate problems that may come up.  You'll know what officials should be in place to minimize problems and how many you should have.  Do you know what a Finish Line Coordinator's role is, or what they actually do?  What about assistance to athletes, when is it appropriate?  What's a good method to handle Protests or Disqualifications?  Who's the Clerk of the Couse?  Granted, in most meets if you are the head coach of a school putting on a meet... you are every role! 

And did you know there are rules associated with the starting blocks.  Not just whether someone false starts, but also on what is a legitimate set of blocks.  And speaking of the start, did you know that hair is not considered a body part when it comes to the start line?  Yea, it's not.  That's in the rules. 

This clinic won't go over every single rule in the book, but it will cover a significant amount of information and, from my experience, is an extremely valuable tool for any coach, spectator, parent, track fan or whatever role you fill.  And yes, there is a test and although it's kind of long, it's a fair test of your knowledge and you have time to take the test, so don't worry.   

Track and Field is still a growing sport and with injury issues we see with some of those contact (or even those considered non-contact) sports, we are seeing more athletes leaning towards this sport.  Heck, it's healthy... and this is a sport you take on for a lifetime.  So why not go ahead and learn more about our wonderful sport and help promote it by being the expert we know you want to be!

Here are details of the first one coming up in Nashville, who to contact, and some other upcoming dates.  Please, our sport needs your help and participation... and our kids deserve the best! 


When: Sunday, February 24 (day after TN State Indoor Meet); 1-5pm

Where: Lipscomb Academy (High School) in Nashville, TN

Who: Coaches, Parents, Track Enthusiasts, or Anyone Looking to Give Back to Track & Field

If you are interested in attending the clinic or want more information on becoming a USATF Certified Official, please contact the Tennessee USATF Officials Chair BRENT SMITH at KYACOACHBRENT@GMAIL.COM.


Other Clinic Dates in TN for 2019

Memphis - Christian Brothers HS - August 11

Chattanooga - Location TBD - September 15

Knoxville - Hardin Valley Academy - October 27

Tri-Cities - Location TBD - November 10


See you on the track... and hopefully at one of these Clinics!

Coach Ted