Upset of the State Meet: West HS Girls

West High School provided the surprise of the 2018 State Cross Country Meet.

The Rebels weren't at the State Meet last year. This year, they didn't only compete. They won.

West coach Patrick Gildea was pleasantly surprised.

In fact, he was completely blown away.

"I was just as shocked as everyone else," he said.

Not bad for a team that didn't even qualify for this meet last year.

"Halfway through I thought we looked pretty good...our objective was to try and be the top regional team from region two," Gildea said.

They achieved that goal. And then some.

The Rebels averaged 20:06 as a team. Not only was that the best in the division, it was the second-best in the entire state, regardless of classification.

West was led by a quick group of underclassmen. Freshman Marley Townsend came in ninth to lead the way. The lone senior on the team, Elizabeth Babb, was second on the team in 15th. 

But the difference came by a couple of juniors who had big races.

"We're fortunate that we had an influx of new freshmen this year," Gildea said. "Some of our juniors really stepped it up. It was a team effort ultimately." 
F 5000m9Marley Townsend919:08.635
F 5000m15Elizabeth Babb1219:26.7110
F 5000m28Emma Dewalt920:01.5919
F 5000m48Elisabeth Bernard1120:35.8234
F 5000m83Macy Kraslawsky1121:17.2762
F 5000m120Sophia Medley922:14.1794
F 5000m130Cassandra Robbins1222:28.79104

Emma Dewalt had a big day, breaking her previous personal best by 14 seconds. Elisabeth Bernard had her fastest race of the season in the number four position. Macy Kraslawsky set a new personal best as well.

West not only made major noise on Saturday, but they'll be back. Gildea also told us that this team will continue competing through November in order to race at Nike Regionals.

"To not be here last year and to be on the podium today is pretty fantastic," he said.

Expect big things from the Rebels moving forward.