Brentwood XC Club Takes Lead in HOKA Postal Nationals

They're back.

Brentwood XC Club has taken the early lead in the HOKA Postal Nationals 5x3200. 

Brodey Hasty, the No. 1 ranked boys athlete on the Flo50 national rankings, and Scott Thompson helped Brentwood take the early lead in the national competition on Saturday night at Lipscomb. They needed to average 9:18 to take the lead. And they ran 9:09.

Hasty paced his teammates in the opening heat, running a 9:33 in the opening section. After that, he came back to run the second heat. Hasty and Thompson worked together, finishing 1-2 (9:08, 9:10).

1 Hasty, Brodey              M Brentwood Cross        9:08.85   8 
  2 Thompson, Scott            M Brentwood Cross        9:10.88   8 
  3 Prince, Quamel             M unattached             9:28.12   7 
  4 Sandifer, Elias            M Brentwood Cross        9:32.55   7 
  5 Rigsby, Matthew            M unattached             9:34.20   7 
  6 Porter, Matthew            M unattached             9:35.39   7 
  7 Holliday, Davis            M unattached             9:43.29   8 
  8 Heithcock, Quinn           M Brentwood Cross        9:47.88   7 
  9 Lattin, Luke               M Brentwood Cross        9:49.10   7 
 10 Payne, George              M unattached             9:52.23   7 

Brentwood currently sits out front with a 9:29 average heading into this weekend's second race at Brentwood Academy. 

The Brentwood XC Club is the defending champion of the HOKA Postal Nationals. Last season, they set the all-time record for 5x2 Mile in the HOKA Postal competition. The 2016 HOKA 5 x 2M team consisted of Hasty (8:57), Taylor Vroon (8:57), Thompson (9:14), Jackson Vroon (9:23), and Rayaan Bashir (9:39).

In 2014, Brentwood's top five set the All-Time high school record for 5x2 Mile. That team was made up of Aaron Thomas (8:56), Alec Thomas (8:57), Taylor Caldwell (9:01), Coleman Churitch (9:08) and Gavin Hasty (9:20).

This year there's a new cast of talented young runners ready to carry on the tradition. Elias Sandifer ran a 50 second personal best on Saturday. No. 6 Grant Thompson ran a 57 second PR.

Brentwood's top six combined for two and a half worth of personal bests. 

They'll be back on the track this weekend in another fast field at Brentwood Academy.