Day3_15-16 Boys Long Jump

USATF Hershey National Junior Olympic Track & Field Championships       
                              REGION 6 QUALIFIER                               
                    July 5-8,2018 - MTSU - Murfreesboro,TN                     
Event 467  Long Jump 15-16 Division Boys
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals  Wind          
  1 Betts, Garrian               Mobile Parks             6.50m   NWI  21-04.00 
     4.69m(NWI) 4.89m(NWI) 6.13m(NWI) 6.09m(NWI) 6.50m(NWI) 6.44m(NWI)
  2 King, Reginald               Faith Track,             6.39m   NWI  20-11.75 
     6.39m(NWI) FOUL      FOUL      FOUL      FOUL      6.06m(NWI)
  3 Moses, Anthony               Natchitoches             6.20m   NWI  20-04.25 
     6.06m(NWI) 6.20m(NWI) 6.06m(NWI) 6.10m(NWI) 6.13m(NWI) FOUL     
  4 Lucas, Tyron                 Greater King             6.11m   NWI  20-00.50 
     6.00m(NWI) 5.98m(NWI) FOUL      5.70m(NWI) 6.06m(NWI) 6.11m(NWI)
  5 Robinson, Isaiah             Spar Track               6.04m   NWI  19-09.75 
     5.86m(NWI) 5.75m(NWI) 6.04m(NWI) 5.76m(NWI) 5.70m(NWI) 5.85m(NWI)
  6 Crisco, Antonio              Iron Spikes              6.01m   NWI  19-08.75 
     FOUL      6.01m(NWI) 5.90m(NWI) FOUL      FOUL      FOUL     
  7 Rainey, Edwin                09-Unattache             5.98m   NWI  19-07.50 
     FOUL      5.98m(NWI) 5.52m(NWI) FOUL      FOUL      FOUL     
  8 Sowell, Devin                Natchitoches             5.92m   NWI  19-05.25 
     5.90m(NWI) 5.73m(NWI) 5.92m(NWI) 5.87m(NWI) 5.67m(NWI) 5.71m(NWI)
  9 Barner, Elliot               Youth Track              5.81m   NWI  19-00.75 
     FOUL      5.81m(NWI) 5.60m(NWI)         
 10 Childress, Avery             Speed City               5.76m   NWI  18-10.75 
     5.76m(NWI) 5.58m(NWI) 5.53m(NWI)         
 11 Henderson, Rashad            Clinton Elit             5.72m   NWI  18-09.25 
     FOUL      5.72m(NWI) 5.26m(NWI)         
 12 Hoard, Jamal                 Peak Perform             5.58m   NWI  18-03.75 
     FOUL      5.58m(NWI) 5.40m(NWI)         
 13 Robinson Jr, Alventa         Mobile Parks             5.52m   NWI  18-01.50 
     5.13m(NWI) 5.52m(NWI) 5.34m(NWI)         
 14 Gordon, Logan                Huntsville M             5.47m   NWI  17-11.50 
     5.47m(NWI) FOUL      4.98m(NWI)           
 15 Jones, Amad                  Mississippi              5.41m   NWI  17-09.00 
     FOUL      5.31m(NWI) 5.41m(NWI)         
 16 Medley, Cam'ron              Fast and Fur             5.40m   NWI  17-08.75 
     5.38m(NWI) 5.28m(NWI) 5.40m(NWI)         
 17 Shannon, Myarie              Team 4mula               5.17m   NWI  16-11.50 
     4.93m(NWI) 5.17m(NWI) 4.42m(NWI)         
 18 Raymond, Nykolis             Iron Spikes              5.11m   NWI  16-09.25 
     FOUL      4.88m(NWI) 5.11m(NWI)          
 19 King III, Willie             24-Unattache            J5.11m   NWI  16-09.25 
     5.11m(NWI) PASS      PASS               
 20 Charley, Damien              Rutherford C             4.44m   NWI  14-07.00 
     4.44m(NWI) 4.24m(NWI) 4.37m(NWI)         
 -- Joshaway, Malik              Fast and Fur              FOUL                 
     FOUL      FOUL      FOUL