Meet Information

Registration help: having 5 meets in March and April (Subject to change). These will be an abbreviated meet program for each meet (see below) for grades 3rd - 8th. The idea is to keep the length of each meet no longer than two hours (likely 5:30 - 7:30 pm). We are still working on details but we may need a little volunteer help for each meet depending on the numbers.March10 - Thursday24 - Thursday31 - ThursdayApril12 - Tuesday (this may run in conjunction with a CBHS home meet so this is not a definite yes yet)22 - Friday Event program (depending on numbers and entries some events subject to change). Also if you feel like you have a runner who can run up in distance please let me know and we will decide if it is appropriate.GRADE 3 - 5 Events 3rd 4th5th100 meter dash200 meter dash400 meter dash800 meter run 400 m relayLong JumpGRADE 6 - 8 (all the above plus events below)Events 6th 7th 8th1600 meter run3200 meter run1600 m relay3200 m relay Running Events (Girls 3-5 run first, followed by the boys 3-5 then Girls 6-8, followed by boys 6-8):*4x800m Relay - 5:30 pm 100m *1600m 4x100m Relay 400m 800m 200m 4x400m Relay *3200m*Indicates the possibility of a combined race.Again any productive feedback is welcomed!!Thanks,Nick Dwyer