Tennessee Boys Preseason Composite XC Team Rankings

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Find out who our data based ranking system projects in the preseason as the top returning boys cross country squads in the state of Tennessee.

1BrentwoodA Academy (TN)4.081205000m 1-2 Gap (18.12)
2Oakland High School (TN)5.562125000m 1-5 Gap (56.74)
3Farragut High School (TN)6.161125000m 1-4 Average (16:59.08)
4Oak Ridge High School (TN)10.13203200m 1-4 Average (10:51.02)
5Bartlett High School (TN)11.43275000m 1-5 Gap (1:35.52)
6Hardin Valley Academy (TN)11.74263200m 1-4 Average (11:03.05)
7Ravenwood High School (TN)12.18175000m 1-4 Gap (47.15)
8Father Ryan High School (TN)12.49285000m 1-3 Gap (55.03)
9Christian Brothers High School (TN)12.83285000m 1-4 Average (17:22.71)
10Collierville High School (TN)14.510241600m 1-4 Average (4:50.12)
11Central Magnet High School (TN)15.25365000m 1-3 Gap (1:09.80)
12Montgomery Bell Academy (TN)15.42485000m 1-2 Gap (1:31.84)
13Daniel Boone High School (TN)15.48305000m 1-4 Gap (1:23.22)
14Sovereign Grace (TN)16.43291600m 1-4 Average (4:50.72)
15Knoxville Catholic High School (TN)16.66415000m 1-5 Gap (2:37.98)
16Stone Memorial High School (TN)17.214315000m 1-3 Gap (57.64)
17BrentwoodH High School (TN)17.42485000m 1-4 Gap (2:40.90)
18Houston High School (TN)17.73293200m 1-4 Average (11:03.84)
19Siegel High School (TN)18.52425000m 1-2 Gap (1:11.45)
20Franklin High School (TN)18.75273200m 1-4 Average (11:03.17)
21Maryville High School (TN)21.913465000m 1-2 Gap (1:18.00)
22McCallie School (TN)23.63385000m 1-4 Average (17:43.48)
23Arlington High School (TN)242441600m 1-4 Average (5:01.00)
24Rossview High School (TN)24.416295000m 1-5 Gap (1:39.66)
25Fred J. Page High School (TN)24.84451600m 1-4 Average (5:04.94)
26Independence High School (TN)25.211335000m 1-5 Average (17:37.26)
27Webb School of Knoxville (TN)25.98425000m 1-3 Gap (1:23.00)
28Science Hill High School (TN)26.420355000m 1-2 Gap (47.60)
29Station Camp High School (TN)28.21385000m 1-3 Gap (1:15.00)
30Dobyns Bennett High School (TN)29.217375000m 1-2 Gap (51.10)
31Mt. Juliet High School (TN)29.37371600m 1-4 Average (4:57.45)
32Christian Academy of Knoxville (TN)29.39325000m 1-5 Gap (1:51.00), Not Enough Data
33Wilson Central High School (TN)30.26505000m 1-5 Gap (3:53.27)
34Morristown-West High School (TN)30.720361600m 1-4 Average (4:56.92)
35Henry County High School (TN)30.95495000m 1-5 Gap (3:06.22)
36Baylor School (TN)31.41411600m 1-4 Average (4:59.80), Not Enough Data
37West High School (TN)31.819265000m 1-5 Average (17:28.87), Not Enough Data
38CSTHEA Patriots High School (TN)33.06505000m 1-4 Gap (4:48.52), Not Enough Data
39Bearden High School (TN)33.123455000m 1-2 Gap (1:13.71)
40Beech Senior High School (TN)33.818495000m 1-4 Average (17:59.01)
41Hume-Fogg Academic Magnet (TN)37.731455000m 1-4 Average (17:54.60)
42Riverdale High School (TN)4035475000m 1-2 Gap (1:23.87)
43Centennial High School (TN)40.331505000m 1-3 Gap (2:30.30)
44St. George's Independent School (TN)40.610475000m 1-4 Average (17:56.25), Not Enough Data
45St. Benedict at Auburndale (TN)40.616463200m Top 4
46Nolensville High School (TN)42.238495000m 1-3 Gap (2:04.43)
47Summit High School (TN)43.232495000m Top 4
48University School of Johnson City (TN)43.736491600m 1-4 Average (5:10.16)
49Knoxville Ambassadors High School (TN)45.322485000m 1-5 Average (18:18.22), Not Enough Data
50Memphis University School (TN)45.637505000m 1-4 Average (18:02.86), Not Enough Data

What are composite team rankings?

A few years ago, MileSplit developed a data based number-cruncher system to rank cross country teams called "composite" team rankings. The rather complicated algorithm takes into account both cross country and track seasons, based on various categories and weights. It even indicates what the computer believes the biggest weakness is at this point.

Teams that did not have much of a track season or did not have at least four of their top distance runners out for track may see their scores drop. However, teams that busted it and looked great this past spring will show higher. Hopefully it is a good balance to predict who is strong coming in! It does not necessarily take into account any new freshman or transfers.

The score represents the team's weighted composite average rank across all categories. The highest column represents the highest ranking they received in a category, and conversely the lowest is the worst ranking they received in a category.

If you pull up the XC Team Scores page, you'll see a link to "Composite" scoring. This is a type of scoring that gives a team a rank on a number of different categories, with different weights on each:

  • XC 5K Team Rank (normal)
  • XC 5K 1-5 Split
  • XC 5K 1-5 Average
  • XC 5K 1-4 Rank (normal)
  • XC 5K 1-4 Split
  • XC 5K 1-4 Average
  • XC 5K 1-3 Split
  • XC 5K 1-2 Split
  • Outdoor 1600m Top 4 (normal)
  • Outdoor 1600m Top 4 Average
  • Outdoor 3200m Top 4 (normal)
  • Outdoor 3200m Top 4 Average

By using all of these factors and weighting them appropriately, we should get a really good and balanced idea of who are the best teams. This is especially designed for returning teams.