TSSAA Cross Country Post Season Information



DATE: October 7, 2010 


TO: Cross Country Coaches 


FROM: Richard McWhirter, Assistant Executive Director 


SUBJECT: Cross Country Update 

Please review information pertaining to cross country in the 2011-12 TSSAA Handbook.  You may, also, access this at TSSAA.org  As voted by the coaches and approved by the TSSAA Board of Control, the State Cross Country Meets will be 5 Kilometers (3.1 Miles).  The regional meets shall be 3 Miles or 5 Kilometers. 


The schedule for the 2011 State Cross Country Meet is Saturday, November 5: 

Class A-AA Girls’: 10:00 A.M. 

Class A-AA Boys’: 10:45 A.M

DII A Girls’:  11:30 A.M.

DII A Boys’:  12:15 P.M.

DII-AA Girls’:     1:00 P.M. 

DII-AA Boys’:     1:45 P.M. 

Class AAA Girls’: 2:30 P.M. 

Class AAA Boys’: 3:15 P.M. 


Listed below are the sites, dates and regional meet directors we currently have for the regional cross country meets 

this fall.  If any of this information is incorrect, please contact us as soon as possible. 



Division I, Class A-AA & Class AAA 


Region 1 -  At Daniel Boone H.S.; Director Len Jeffers, Daniel Boone High School; October 27. 


Region 2 -  At Victor Ashe Park; Director Bryan Brown, Hardin Valley Academy; Oct. 27. 


Region 3 - (A-AA) At Chickamauga Dam; Director Mike Fingerle, Chattanooga Christian School, October 27. 

 (AAA) At Voyles Farm Course; Director Mark Voyles, White County High School, October 27. 


Region 4 - (A-AA) At Chickamauga Dam; Director Mike Fingerle, Chattanooga Christian School; October 27. 

 (AAA) At Sharp Springs Park Course #2; Director Al Evans, LaVergne High School; October 27. 


Region 5 - (A-AA) At Steeplechase Course; Director Anthony Motta; October 27. 

 (AAA) At Sanders Ferry Park; Director Brice Askren, Beech High School; October 27. 


Region 6 - (A-AA) Director Jill Bibb, Forrest High School; October 27. 

 (AAA) At Steeplechase Course; Director Anthony Motta; October 27. 


Region 7 - (A-AA) Director Pam Daniel, Obion County Central High School. 

 (AAA) At Shelby Farms; Director Josh Manthe, Bolton High School; October 26. 


Region 8 - (A-AA) At Shelby Farms; Director Ron King; October 27. 

 (AAA) At Shelby Farms; Director Scott Hamlett, Houston High School; October 28. 



Division II Class A 


East/Middle - At Steeplechase Course, Director Josh Scouten, University School of Nashville; October 27. 


West - At University School of Jackson; Director Chris Winter, University School of Jackson; October 27. 

Attention Division II Class AA Cross Country Coaches 



According to the TSSAA Cross Country Regulations, in Division II Class AA, teams and/or individuals participating 

in the State Meet must be submitted online by Friday of the last full week in October.  No school shall qualify more 

than seven runners for the state cross country meet. A link will be placed on the TSSAA Website (tssaa.org) once the 

Online Entry Form becomes available.