Metro Knoxville XC Coaching Education

The MKXC/TF Association has embarked on a new Coaches' Education project focused on providing a leg up for new or inexperienced cross country and track coaches who may benefit from the experience and knowledge of other local coaches. We've solicited articles from a number of experienced coaches, all of whom have coached state champion teams and athletes and who have an abundance of experience with both the administrative and athletic aspects of high school coaching. Our primer on coaching is designed to teach the basics of cross country coaching and administration as well as the basics of each event in track and field. We've started with the most important topics for the coming cross country season and will flesh out articles for the 2018 track season by late fall. While we have a number of articles already in the queue, we'd welcome input from any experienced coach from around the state. If you're willing to participate, just contact Allen Etheridge ( at Oak Ridge High School with a proposal.

Because it's that time of season, here's one written by Bearden's Patty Thewes on Administrative Tips for New Coaches.