Run a FAST 3200M

Is a FAST 3200 in your blood now? 

Now that the TSSAA cross country season is over, are any of you getting ready for post season racing?  TN seems to always have a pretty strong group of runners that take the cross country to the next step this time of year.  Foot Locker, Nike Cross nationals, USATF Club championships, and this year the AAU National championships are close by in Oakville, Alabama. 

Now here's something you may want to consider.  Run a 3200M race paced just right to get you to post a personal best time!  Let's consider this, you are already in shape to run the 5K distance.  Maybe you ran the state cross country meet and felt really good and got a PR on the course.  Or maybe you ran it and didn't run as well and want to make up for that, let's say, less than stellar race!  Maybe you didn't make the state meet but are still training and feel strong enough to tackle eight laps around the track. 

Brentwood High is hosting a 3200M paced runs at the Brentwood Academy High track on November 19th.  So let's see, the AAA boy's winner, D2AA girls and boys winner, and team winners as well are putting on an event to help any runner come out and get themselves a fast 3200M time.  Not a bad deal at all!  They've done this for several years and believe me, what better time to run a 3200 than while you're in the best shape you can be for a 5K! 

Here's how they plan to run this event.  There's going to be about 9 heats with each heat running about 15 minutes apart.  Each heat will have pacers to set out for the first few laps, maybe up to 6 or 7 laps, to help ensure the pace is on target.  You'll see some really fast runners with Brodey Hasty, Taylor Vroon, Titus and Silas Winders, Brenwood Academy athletes, and several athletes across a wide range of skill levels. 

The idea is to have the heats set up as below, but it'll depend on the runners that come out before the final logistics of this all pan out. 

1) Sub-9:00.

2) Sub-9:20.

3) Sub-9:40.

4) Sub-10:00.

5) Sub-10:30.

6) Sub-11:00.

7) Sub-11:30.

8) Sub-12:00.

9) Catch-All Heat.

Live out towards the Knoxville area and don't think you can make the drive out, well, the Knoxville Youth Athletics will be having a 3200M run as well on the 18th of November.  Heck, you could run both... ok, well, maybe not, but you could if you wanted! 

I've heard so many cross country runners say how hard it is to train for the sport, so much more than what sprinters do during track season.  They endure the heat, the cold, the rain, the wind, and all kinds of terrain and weather.  So if you feel like you're in shape, and for whatever reason motivates you, celebrate running and racing and come out and give it a shot!  So - I'm challenging all you distance runners to get out and let's see how fast you can run! 

I feel personal bests coming on for sure!!

See you on the Track!

Coach Ted