Oak Ridge Relays Postponed Till Monday

Rather than host a swim meet, OR has elected to postpone the OR Relays until Monday. Here are specifics:

A non-scoring 3200 run (FAT) will be added to the schedule at 4:00 PM.
The 3200 will be unlimited entries (names must be entered).

The Scheduled Oak Ridge Relays will begin at 5:00 PM.
The scheduled order of events will be followed, but NOT the time schedule.
The meet will run as quickly as possible to end at 9:00 PM (or so).

Changes in your entry and additions to your entry (including the 3200 run) will be accepted until 3:00 PM SATURDAY.

If Monday is not an option for your team please cancel your entry.

Entry change/additions deadline is Saturday April 13 at 3:00 PM.